Tollwood taking action for humanity and nature

Campaigns and projects

Tollwood unites a zest for life, the enjoyment of culture and commitment for a tolerant, peaceful and sustainable world. About 1.5 million visitors enjoy international artists and theatre groups, the “Market of Ideas” and the atmosphere. We feel responsible for this world. Our crucial concerns lie with keeping the festival’s carbon footprint as small as possible and to be active for humans and the environment, not only within the festival but also beyond. With campagnes, projects and art, Tollwood is sending a message to its visitors and wants them to be active – for a sustainable society and a more just world.

"As Nature Made Them"

No more meat from industrial factory farming

Bio für Kinder

Bio für Kinder

Organic food in children day care centres & schools

Eingangskunstwerk 2013 - 25 x Lebenswert

25 Mal lebenswert

Juni/Juli 2013 | 25 Botschaften für eine bessere Welt

Kein Ausstieg vom Ausstieg!

Nov/Dez 2010 | Tollwood sagt Nein zur Atomkraft

Ausstellung MUT - Sommer 2011

MUT – Was Menschen bewegt

Juni/Juli 2011 | Anstiftung zum Aktiv werden

Vorratskammer Sommer 2012

Die Vorratskammer

Juni/Juli 2012 | Genug für sieben Milliarden

E-Werk Tollwood Winterfestival 2012


Nov/Dez 2013 | Zukunft mit Sonne, Wind & Co.

Aufgetischt-Pavillon Winterfestival 2011

Was ist da drin?

Nov/Dez 2011 | Aufgetischt-Pavillon

Bei Anruf Smog - Sommerfestival 2007

Mobilfunk – bei Anruf Smog!

Mehr Forschung, Aufklärung, Gesundheitsschutz