Climate crisis as a building site

Environmental action site CHANGE


The climate crisis is not a dream of the future, we are right in the middle of it. Many people around the world are already feeling the consequences, and many consequences are visible: summers of drought and heat, associated crop losses or failures, forest fires, melting of the poles and glaciers, rising sea levels, extreme weather such as storms and heavy rain, species extinction, coral extinction and much more.

It is now in our hands that things do not get this far. We can prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis – if we pull the emergency brake now. To do this, we need to transform our society with the help of a socio-ecological transformation.

It is now up to politicians and all of us. What do we have to do? Answers can be found at the environmental action site CHANGE!

On four large panels on the topics of agriculture, mobility, energy and economy, artist Kimi Gutierrez illustrates in visual-graphic-recording style how we can save the future. They show the political levers and adjusting screws for this change(s) in an impressive and positively motivating way.