Tollwood Summer Festival

It will be small, colourful and safe.

The motto is “I want, because I can, what I have to. #NoDegreeFurther!” and is meant to remind us that beyond Corona, another challenge is waiting to be tackled: the climate crisis.

An artistic world premiere awaits you in the entrance area: the six-metre-high WERTGIGANT by the renowned object and action artist HA Schult. HA Schult, who has been an activist and admonisher against environmental destruction and excessive consumption all his life, has set a sign for “environment instead of unworld” with his sculpture. His credo to this day is: “Only art moves time.”

At the CHANGE action site, we want to inspire people to make an active contribution to climate protection and support solutions to the climate crisis.

The HoMaBiLe Bistro serves its guests the “true prices” for a wide variety of dishes and shows the connections between (food) consumption and environmental damage.

In the best Tollwood style – but without tents and exclusively open air – we offer an experience with free admission: an “Urban Art Gallery” in cooperation with MUCA, an Asian-style “Garden of Flying Clouds” and many creative walk acts & performances.

Please note that the concerts of the Musik Arena has been postponed to the Tollwood Summer Festival 2022 due to the infection. Here you find an overview of the changed concert dates.

Tollwood im Sommer


Tested, vaccinated, recovered | FFP2 mask obligation | registration obligation: All Corona protection measures at the Summer Festival at a glance.

Hacker-Pschorr Brettl

Hacker-Pschorr Brettl

The Hacker-Pschorr Brettl is home to the Munich lifestyle. Here you will find Bavarian cosiness with cultivated background music.


Performances & Walk-Acts

The Tollwood Festival is one big stage


deckchairs and cocktails


this bistro serves up the true prices for a wide variety of dishes and shows the connections between consumption and environmental damage.

Aktionsort CHANGE

The climate crisis is not a future scenario, we are already in the middle of it. It is up to all of us now. What needs to be done? Answers can be found here.

Garten der fliegenden Wolken

A place of harmony and tranquillity

Urban Art Gallery


Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the festival ticket office during the festival or give us a call at 0700-38385024 (chargeable).

For two weeks after the end of the festival, lost and found items stay at the Tollwood office in the Waisenhausstr. 20, 80637 Munich. Please send us an email at [email protected] with a description of your property, when you’ve lost it and your contact information. About 4 days after the end of the festival we are available for requests by phone 0700-38385024 (chargeable).

After the storage period has expired, the lost and found items will be brought to the Städtische Fundbüro at Ötztaler Str. 17, 80466 Munich.

In general dogs are allowed on the festival grounds. However, please note that dogs have to be kept on a leash at all times.
It is not allowed to bring dogs to chargeable events (i.e. concerts at the Musik-Arena, New Years Eve Party).

The whole programme for children and adolsecent is for free.

The children programme is appropriate for children between 4 and 12 years, unless stated differently.

In summer we additionally offer a programme for adolescents (12-17 years).

For a gig at Tollwood Summer Festival (Andechser Zelt / Lounge) and Winter Festival (Tief-im-Wald-Bar), please send your application to Viktoria Raith (KulturKOnzept) [email protected].

If you are interested in a company event or a Christmas party at Tollwood festival please contact us:

Nina Geisler
[email protected]
Tel: 089-82 00 01 43
Fax: 089-45 20 91-88


All enterprises, exhibitors and restaurateurs alike, who sell products at Tollwood are independent and have their own personel planning. Tollwood is not offering jobs for market or food stalls. Regarding data protection laws, it is not allowed to pass on contact information.

The exhibitors publish current job offers at Tollwood-Marktforum. On this platform it is also possible to publish a job application and to get in touch with the exhibitors directly.


The exhibitors at Tollwood Festival are independent enterprises, who sell their products at the festival. in case of refund or compensation claims, we kindly ask you to contact the exhibitor directly.

At Tollwood-Marktforum you can find information on all exhibitors of the past festivals, including a detailed description.

A refund is not possible if a ticket has already been paid at Tollwood directly. Except if an event has been canceled or postponed. In this case you will get the refund of the whole ticket price. Otherwise please contact the ticket office where you bought your ticket.

A delay of the beginning of an event does not correspond with a postponement. In this case a refund of the ticket is not possible.

Use our Ticketbörse if you have tickets which you cannot make use of yourself.

Puchase Order: Order your tickets via our ticket-hotline 0700 – 38 38 50 24 (chargeable). We will send you your tickets within 10 days after payment. Dispatch itself is free of charge.

Payment: Pay by Visa or Euro/Master-Card or settle the outstanding bill via transaction stating your reservation number to the bank account:
IBAN: DE02 7015 0000 0000 2792 99, SWIFT (BIC): SSKM DE MM; Bank Account Holder: Tollwood GmbH

Costs: With us you only pay the ticket price plus presale charge, plus a system fee of 1 €/ticket. Dispatch is free.

Note: The mailing of the tickets is only possible up to 10 days before the date of the event, afterwards the tickets will be placed at the festival box office for collection. The payment via transaction is only possible up to 10 days before the event and only if ordered by phone.

Of course, you can order your tickets online at or purchase them at all presale counters.

Please note: Please buy your concert tickets via Tollwood (ticket hotline: 0700-38 38 50 24 or [email protected]) or our official ticket partners (München Tickets & Eventim). Unauthorized ticket providers or resale platforms often charge excessive prices and fees. In addition, there is no guarantee that the tickets aren’t fake.

The festival ticket office is close to the main entrance. Tollwood-Site-Map

On the festival grounds in the Olympiapark, north of the Musik-Arena, there are designates parking spaces for people with impairments. Only people with a special certificate (blue parking permit) are allowed to park there.

Access via Ackermannstraße at the corner of Spiridon-Louis-Ring.

The stewards at the gateway are instructed to let vehicles with a certificate of disability (blue parking permit) pass through, up to the gate at the entrance of the festival. Here the stewards will show you the exact parking spot. We ask for your understanding that there is only a limited number of spaces available,.
If these parking spaces are occupied, the vehicle has to be parked at the parking area of the Olympia Park (Parkharfe Olympiastadion).

There are no parking spaces at the Summer Festival. The only option for parking around the festival grounds is the Parkharfe at Olympiastadion (chargeable). Tollwood asks his visitors to take public tranportation or the bike to the festival.

Information on how to get to the Summer or Winter Festival via public transport here.

Because of the great demand we ask you to send us a reply-paid envelope (C4) with your address and sufficiently stamped. Accordingly we are happy to send you the programme.

If you want to receive the Tollwood-Programme on a regular basis and automatically, just order our Tollwood-Magazin-Abo. Against a contribution to cost of € 1,79 (dispatched within Germany) for each sending, you will receive the current Tollwood-Programme hot of the press. Just send us the order sheet via mail or fax.

Yes, at the main entrance next to the festival information / ticket office there is an ATM by Stadtsparkasse München.

The entrance to the festival grounds with the “market of ideas” is free. In total over 70 per cent of all cultural activities take place with free admission and are freely accessible. You will find information on chargeable events such as i.e. concerts, theatre etc. in the current festival programme.

The location of the theatre tent in summer varies according to the theatre groups’ requirements. A current site-map is available two months before the start of the festival.

Tollwood presents a fine selection of international groups with a focus on Nouveau Cirque and physical theatre. These shows usually entail an entrance fee. In our current magazine, you can find all information on the companies.

Here you receive all information on how to order tickets: FAQ- Tickets

In winter, performances take place at the performance stage or at the entrance area.
In summer, performances take place at the Amphitheatre or at other venues on the festival grounds.

Walk-Acts move all over the festival grounds.

More information in the Tollwood magazine. The admission is free. Reservations are not possible. The current site map of the Tollwood festival grounds will be available two months before the start of the festival [>>].

Walk-Acts are free of charge –  you receive information on start and position of the groups at the box office/information desk at the main entrance of the festival.

The “Market of Ideas” is as much part of the Tollwood Festival as theater, concerts, art and environmental activities. The setting creates an extraordinary diversity and an exceptional atmosphere in summer as in winter.
Some 200 exhibitors offer international craftsworks – for the most part in fair trade quality, more than 50 restaurateurs offer organic food from all over the world.
In winter, the “Market of Ideas” closes before Christmas on 23 December at 10 pm.

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