Tollwood Winter Festival

Theresienwiese Munich

At Tollwood Winter Festival international theatre acts occur next to the scenery of the international “market of ideas” – a charming Christmas market – which consists of more than 200 stalls where people can buy international handcraft or taste organic food from all over the world. Around 75 percent of the shows, which range from theatre, music and performances to environmental activities or kids entertainment, are for free!

Since 2007 Tollwood presents the “Weltsalon”, a fascinating multimedia-based venue featuring important ecological and social issues. Politicians, scientists and artists are guests on the stage of the Weltsalon.

The winter festival traditionally comes to an end with the Tollwood New Year’s Eve events and the midnight waltz on the Theresienwiese.

Preview: Tollwood Winter Show 2019

Paris De Nuit Recirquel Variete Theater Tollwood Muenchen


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