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Live music is not only playing at the Tollwood Summer Festival! In winter, the Hexenkessel presents the entire local and regional music scene. There are at least two concerts a day – from Bavarian ska to swing – with regional and national bands. And all that with free admission!


More than 60 bands in 30 days | free admission

Concerts for Kids at the Hexenkessel

Ich Und Herr Meyer Kinderkonzert Tollwood Hexenkessel C Mejdi El Bekir

Ich & Herr Meyer

25.11.2023 | 14:00 hrs. | Hexenkessel | Free Entrance

12.09 Tom+heiner Tollwood Konzert Hexenkessel

Tom & Heiner

09.12.2023 | 14:00 hrs. | Hexenkessel | Free Entrance


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