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Information for Exhibitors

Tollwood Inc. organises a cultural festival in Munich twice a year. Besides the various cultural events, the international artisan market is a core part of the festival. The Summer Festival takes place over a period of about 25 days in June/July. In winter it starts right before the first sunday of Advent. The christmas market last up to 23rd December, cultural events take place until New Years Eve. Each year up to 1.5 million visitors come to Tollwood Festival. For each festival there is a separate application procedure for exhibitors. We are especially interested in original handcrafts and individually designed market stalls.

Do you want to apply as an exhibitor?

Summer Festival

The application process for the Summer Festival is closed. Applications for the Summer Festival 2024 are no longer possible.

Winter Festival

You can apply now for the Winter Festival 2024 (26.11. – 31.12. / Market until 23.12.). The application deadline for market stalls is June 30, 2024.

Applications are only accepted via the online application form.

Important notes

As in previous years, we would like to spoil our visitors with a particularly rich and varied range of offers. So we are very interested in original handicrafts and individually designed stands.

Furthermore, it is very important to us that the goods and raw materials offered are produced in compliance with ecological and social criteria. In other words: We are committed to fair trade together with our exhibitors and restaurateurs. This means that every exhibitor who sells products from so-called developing countries must prove that the rules of fair trade were not violated in their production or indicate why no proof can be provided.

Probably the number of applicants will be very large, so unfortunately we will not be able to consider all of them. In the selection of applicants, the following points will be taken into account:

  • Product variety:
    Of course, it is important to us to offer our visitors as diverse a selection of products as possible in high quality. We pay attention to this in the overall selection of applications.
  • Product range:
    We are happy to receive individually manufactured products and market participants who have high-quality handcrafted and/or self-made products in their assortment.
  • Stand design:
    Lovingly and creatively designed stands are a hallmark of the Tollwood market, which is why the stand design is also included in the selection.
  • Ecological and social commitment:
    Whether in the manufacture of the products or the design of the stand – we attach great importance to ecological and social commitment. In the area of environmental protection, we pay attention to the environmental compatibility of the products on offer (e.g. the materials used) or the exhibitors’ commitment to environmental protection (e.g. packaging of the goods). In the case of goods or raw materials coming from so-called developing countries, a verifiable commitment to the production of the goods in accordance with the criteria of fair trade is a selection criterion. Of course, exhibitors who do not offer goods / raw materials from developing countries are not disadvantaged in their selection.

Please understand that we can only make the selection after the application deadline. You will receive a notification by end of July 2024 at the earliest.

Please refrain from making enquiries beforehand. We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any information on acceptances or rejections within the application period.

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