Art in the square

The creative trademark of the Tollwood Festival

Tollwood makes the festival sparkle with fire and ice

In addition to concerts and performances, Tollwood presents a wide variety of art installations and sculptures every festival – this winter under the motto Fire and Ice.


Entrance area: artwork

The Talking Christmas Tree

Everyone can do a Christmas tree. Sure, in the past there was more tinsel, today it’s just a few colourful baubles, plus the light show from the socket, and an angel sits at the top. But a Christmas tree that talks and sings? Only Tollwood has that. In the entrance area of the winter festival there is a proud tree, and in the afternoon it comes to life. Then it talks to the audience, then a living face appears on the dark fir, singing Christmas carols from all over the world. And every day the Christmas tree tells a Christmas story, every day in a different language, sometimes Ukrainian, sometimes Arabic, sometimes English, sometimes Spanish. With this Christmas tree, Tollwood wants to show how colourful Munich is, that Christmas is a global phenomenon and that the Tollwood Winter Festival is a multicultural mirror of this world.

Creative works of art

Kunstinstallation | Zauberwald | Torsten MühlbachTorsten Mühlbach:
Zauberwald, Pegasus &  Bacchus is Dancing

It glitters and sparkles when Tollwood shows Torsten Mühlbach’s artworks at the Winter Festival. Even before the entrance, the dancing sculpture Bacchus is dancing welcomes the audience. At the main entrance, an enchanted forest houses his glowing Pegasus – always an eye-catcher. And at the other end of the festival, an approximately twelve-metre-high Christmas tree made of disco balls shines across the grounds.

Tollwood Winterfestival 2022 Impressionen

Andrey von Schlippe: Planets & Tent Silhouette

Art floats at the Tollwood Winter Festival. Like the planets that waved over part of the market. Or the stylised silhouette of the Mercato tent designed by Andrey von Schlippe, Head of Visual Arts at Tollwood. Elastic bands form it and also span the KunstRaum, which Andrey von Schlippe also created. This offers space for creativity and reflection.

Zaungestaltung Veronika Angloher

Veronika Angloher: Fence design

Opposites on the fence Fire and ice – this wintry theme spans the Tollwood Winter Festival. Veronika Angloher has incorporated these two opposites into the fence surrounding the festival grounds. Cold and hot, grey-blue and red-orange – the colours and materials embody the two opposing elements. The designer from Munich is giving her art a stage on the Theresienwiese again this winter.

Wortskulpturen Adam Stubley C Alexander.scharfAdam Stubley: Word Sculptures

Adam Stubley shapes words into art. His word sculptures bear witness to the power of language
and place the human being at the centre. His works have fascinated audiences for more than
at the Tollwood Festivals for more than a decade.

Leuchtpagoden Ludwig Frank C Bernd.wackerbauer

Ludwig Frank: Entrance gate & illuminated pagodas

Get out of the underground and into the Tollwood Winter Festival – Ludwig Frank’s illuminated pagodas shine in front of the festival’s main entrance. They show the way in bright colours. And the artist’s entrance gate welcomes everyone at the side entrance in the colours of fire.


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