Art in the square

The creative trademark of the Tollwood Festival

A place for inspiration and encounters: an open-air museum.

In addition to concerts and performances, the Tollwood presents a wide variety of art installations and sculptures every festival.

Open-air museum

Art in the open air: the Tollwood Summer Festival invites you to marvel and dream. With the newly created entrance artwork and other installations, Andrey von Schlippe artistically realises the motto “Together:Stop!”. Talking to each other and entering into dialogue: Art installations on the festival site focus on the motto “Together:Stop!”. Here you will encounter questions that make you think: “What really makes us happy?” or “What keeps us together?”. The “make-up table” encourages individual reflection, while the “spyhole” – a peephole in a door – invites dialogue and people at the “regulars’ table” are invited to talk about topics selected by wheel of fortune.

Andrey von Schlippe has been working as an artistic designer for the Tollwood Festival for many years and is Head of Visual Arts at Tollwood. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in the stage design class.

“Every place where people move around can be seen as a stage, and the passers-by are the protagonists.” Andrey von Schlippe

Creative works of art

True Cost Garden Tollwood Sommerfestival 2024True Cost Garden

The “True Cost Garden” invites you to lean back, eat, drink and interact. It’s the place where vegetables, herbs and information grow and prosper. Join an interactive journey of discovery.  How, for instance, do our daily purchase decisions influence our biodiversity?

Tollwood Sommerfestival Kunstwerk Mukai Katsumi

Together with each other

Deeply rooted in nature: that is the art of Mukai Katsumi. The large wooden sculptures by this friend of Tollwood breathe the spirit of his Japanese homeland. The artist listens to his trees and responds with his very own formal language. For many years, he has also been preoccupied with the theme of family, which inspired him to create his “Family” sculptures. This Tollwood summer, he and his fellow artists are creating sculptures on the theme of “Togetherness”.

Wortskulpturen | WIR ALLE | Adam StubleyAdam Stubley: Word Sculptures

“We all” stand together; it takes “courage” to pause. Adam Stubley’s word sculptures literally stand for the Tollwood motto “Together:Stop!”. His important messages, which have been on display at the festivals for more than ten years, are more relevant than ever.

Eingangstor Ludwig Frank

Ludwig Frank: Entrance gate

Austrian artist Ludwig Frank also draws inspiration from his travels to Japan and South Korea. Inspired by the forms of Far Eastern art, his large entrance gate at the beginning of the Spiridon-Louis-Ring points the way to the summer festival. Ludwig Frank has been working with Mukai Katsumi for over 20 years. The artists have organised symposia, festivals and workshops in Asia. For the past 13 years, they have repeatedly enriched the Tollwood Festival with their extraordinary works of art.


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