General Business Conditions

of Tollwood GmbH for Performances

  1. The admission ticket entitles the bearer to attend one performance of the event printed on the ticket in the general category. Premium/reduced-price tickets are not transferable and are valid only for an entitled person. When the ticket holder leaves the performance venue, the ticket loses its validity. Latecomers to events with numbered seating can no longer be guaranteed the use of the indicated seat reservation. The purchased tickets are fundamentally non-exchangeable. Please bear in mind the following points on the listing of individual performances in the festival magazine as well as on the Internet website.
    Unless otherwise indicated, the following regulations apply: Children and young people under the age of 16 may only attend performances accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The Musik-Arena constitutes an exception: here a visit to events is possible starting at the age of 14, even without a parent or legal guardian.
    Young people from the age of 16 may only attend performances alone until 12:00 midnight. Should they attend a performance that lasts beyond midnight they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Persons charged with the supervision of children or young people under 18 years of age must present a filled-in “Transfer of Supervisory Obligation” form available as a .pdf here [>>].
    Children under the age of 6 are basically not permitted to attend performances for which there are no specific conditions under any circumstances, even if accompanied by their parents.
    Should the aforementioned non-admission stipulations for children/young people apply, they will not be permitted to attend the event even if they are in possession of a valid admission ticket.
    Beyond that the terms and conditions of the youth protection legislation shall apply.
  2. The promoter reserves the right to postpone events. The tickets retain their validity for the postponed date. In this case, ticket holders have a right of choice. Either they can withdraw from the contract on presentation of purchased tickets and receive a refund of the admission price from the promoter, or they can retain the tickets for the postponed event. The exercise of the withdrawal right and the return of the tickets is only possible up to one day prior to the actual performance date.
    A delay in the beginning of the event is not a postponement in this context. In such cases, a refund of the ticket price is not possible.
  3. Should the performance be canceled ticket holders can withdraw from the contract with the promoter. They can return the admission tickets and claim a refund of the admission charge.
  4. The termination of the contract – that is to say, the return of the tickets and the refund of the admission charge in keeping with the stipulations under the aforementioned number takes place where the tickets were initially purchased. A termination without presentation of the original tickets is not possible.
  5. The concerts at the Musik-Arena end at 10 pm the latest.
  6. Bringing along glass containers and cans of any size, as well as other containers in excess of 0.5 liters (plastic bottles, tetrapacks, etc.), audio recording equipment, film and video cameras and professional photographing equipment, bulky objects (for example Selfiesticks), pyrotechnical objects, torches, sparklers, weapons and other dangerous objects, as well as animals is prohibited. Ticket holders who disturb the performance or bother other audience members or give concrete cause to fear that they might do these things may be excluded from the performance site. In such cases they have no right to a refund of their ticket price.
  7. Taking pictures is permitted for private use only, (no publishing neither print nor online) with a small picture camera or mobile phone without flash. The right to privacy of third persons must be respected in such cases. Professional equipment may only be brought into the Musik-Arena by accredited journalists. The maker of film or sound recordings of any kind as well as the publication of such recordings on- or off-line and bringing along audio, film, video and professional photographing equipment without the express prior consent of the promoter are prohibited.
  8. Holders of admission tickets consent to having their images recorded and copied in conjunction with the performance – without compensation either from the promoter or third parties – and further agree to the transmission or other use of this material, especially in conjunction with the audio-visual media. Consenting the use of this photographic material is temporally and spatially unlimited.
  9. The house rules of the performance venue and the instructions of personnel charged with the maintenance of good order must be observed. Entering the stage area or climbing over barriers is prohibited.
  10. At rock and pop concerts, there is a danger of damage to hearing or health because of the high volume. Ticket holders are aware of this. They will take appropriate precautions. Tollwood GmbH assumes no liability for damage to hearing – or any other damage to health.
  11. 1.  Claims to the promoter for damage compensation on any legal grounds whatsoever are ruled out, except in cases where the promoter, his legal representative or his associates have failed, either intentionally or with gross negligence, to meet their contractual obligations. Claimants for damages because of the impossibility of performances or delay are referred to articles 2 and 3. Damage claims beyond these can only be asserted if the concrete damages are predictable for the promoter and were avoidable for him.

As of: 31/05/2016 Tollwood GmbH