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Review: Tollwood Summerfestival 2015

A very sunny Tollwood finished on July, the 19th.

»It’s all a matter of attitude« has been this years motto. Again, Tollwood took a stand for species-appropriate husbandry. Three Nouveau Cirque Companies, national and local concerts, open-air performances and street theatre inspired the audience. Patti Smith, Joan Baez, Tom Jones and others brought unforgettable moments to the Musik-Arena tent.

»8M3« from the French company Atelier Lefeuvre & André fascinated the audience on eight cubic meters, Manolo Alcántara showed his unbelievable art and Ponten Pie cooked in »Copacabana« in a very special artistic way…

The Finnish artist Miina Äkkijyrkka exhibited two huge calf-sculptures named »Holy & Pori Calf«. They were made of parts of car wrecks and were located at the main entrance of the festival area. And the (women) artist collective NEOZOON implemented the festival motto »It’s all a matter of attitude« in a kinetic installation called »Alles hat ein Ende …« which concentrated on the exploitation of animals and criticized the human consumer behavior. This installation encouraged the visitors to sign for the the Action Group »Munich – As Nature Made«. There, dedicated individuals in the Munich metropolitan Area, representatives of Munich society take a stand for a state capital, where the only products used are derived from animal farming operated in keeping with the nature of the species. More than 17.000 festival visitors signed the petition.

About more than 600 events took place in 26 days, thereof 70 percent for free entrance. At the »market of ideas« you found 200 stands with international handcrafts (mostly fair trade) and 50 organic-certified stands with international gastromomy.

photo: Miina Äkkijyrkkä: »Holy Cald & Pori Calf« | VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2015, Bernd Wackerbauer