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Review: Tollwood Winterfestival

»Clean is keen!« has been the motto of Tollwood Winterfestival 2015.

This motto made waste and recycling a subject of discussion. HA Schult’s famous installation »Trash People« welcomed our visitors at the entrance. Plastic pollution in oceans has been the main topic at the Weltsalon.

Again, there has been emphasis on »Munich – As Nature Made Them« – the action group initiated by Tollwood. Already more than 27.000 members joined this group. Tollwood invited the audience to the »as nature made them«-days with a varied program at the Grand Chapiteau.

With »Cirkopolis« – performed by the legendary Cirque Éloize – Tollwood presented a great show that combined the worlds of circus, dance and theatre.

photo: Bernd Wackerbauer