Humanity and Nature

The world – Our home

A festival for humanity and the environment

A different world is possible. One in which people are considerate of each other, regardless of their nationality or heritage. A world in which boundaries are dissolved and the focus lies on equality. A world, which we treat well so that it will remain as liveable, fascinating and diverse for future generations as it is for us. Each year,more than 1.5 million people visit Tollwood – home of  international artists and theatre companies, the “Market of Ideas” and the world itself. We feel responsible for this planet – right from the beginning.


humanity & nature

Ecological and social dedication

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Campagnes and projects

Tollwood taking action for humanity and nature

Bio für Kinder

Bio für Kinder

Organic food in children day care centres & schools

"As Nature Made Them"

No more meat from industrial factory farming

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Honours for Tollwood's commitment


Impulse to rethink