Children’s Programme

Crafting, Exploring, Learning

At the children’s tent, Tollwood’s youngest visitors get the chance to explore new world’s and topics. Each festival the children’s tent provides an exciting programme with handcrafts, storytelling and different games. In the children’s kitchen we cook sweet and salty party treats together. Foodsharing e. V. shows you how to cook a whole menu of ingredients that others might throw away. In keeping with Tollwood’s 30th birthday, we create a collage of many festival photos. Every Sunday in the Andechser Lounge an exciting program awaits you, such as the „Magic Mitlach Theater“ by Monique Sonnenschein or the talking dolls of ventriloquist Werner. The entrance is free.


The whole programme for children and adolsecent is for free.

The children programme is appropriate for children between 4 and 12 years, unless stated differently.

In summer we additionally offer a programme for adolescents (12-17 years).

A registration for special events (i.e. workshops) is mandatory. Please pay attention to our current program.

At regular activities the children can participate without registrating in advance.

No, we do not take over supervisory responsibilities. Please do not leave your children unattended.