Tollwood’s venues on site

Tollwood Festival as one big stage

Performances and Walk-Acts on the festival site, fascinating small-scale performances at the Amphitheater, Comedy with CAVEMAN in the theatre tent DAS SCHLOSS, concerts in the Musik-Arena, Andechser Zelt & Lounge and the Hacker-Pschorr’s Brettl and entertainment for the youngsters at the children’s tent: Tollwood’s venues are as diverse as the festival itself.

Tollwood Musik-Arena

Preview: Musik-Arena 2019

Summer concerts


Circus Adventures

Festival Ground

The whole festival is one big stage


Eyecatcher for Nouveau Cirque

Half Moon Bar

Caribbean Flair at Tollwood

Hacker-Pschorr Brettl

Volksmusik and Volxmusik

Andechser Tent

Rock, Pop and Poetry for free

Andechser Lounge

The Andechser Tent's Little Sister


Wonderful atmosphere

Superheld Kinderzelt

Children's Tent

The entrance is free.

Theaterzelt DAS SCHLOSS