Environmental place of action: Summer Festival 2024

True Cost Garden

HoMaBiLe – the true cost of food

True Cost Garden invites you to lean back, eat, drink and interact. It’s the place where vegetables, herbs and information grow and prosper. Join an interactive journey of discovery.  How, for instance, do our daily purchase decisions influence our biodiversity? Find out more in our True Cost Garden.

Experience research

What’s the price tag for our society when utilizing pesticides or greenhouse gas emissions in livestock farming? Is there a difference between conventional and ecological agriculture? And how can we save costs on such? The research project “How much is this dish? – Measures to increase biodiversity through true cost accounting of foods“ (HoMaBiLe) has unveiled the true cost of our food. For more than three years a team from Greifswald University has been researching the topic with Tollwood supporting  its cause and bringing their research to the public eye as an active partner.

These results have been presented interactively to the audience of our previous festivals. Installations such as “HoMaBiLe Bistro“ or “Tante Emma’s True Cost Shop“ have made the scientific research tangible. The project was presented at conventions such as BIOFACH in Nürnberg. The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will come to an end this September. The topic has reached social discussions and the HoMaBiLe project has made a valubable contribution to the cause.

One thing is for certain: We cannot carry on like this as it is too high of a price to pay.


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