Green Pavilion

NGOs present themselves

In the Green Pavilion Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGOs) present themselves and their projects. This year there are two Green Pavilions. The Green Pavilion I is continously filled and the Green Pavilion II is filled by the day. The opening hours are on monday to friday from 2pm to 11.30pm, as well as on saturdays, sundays and holidays from 11am to 11.30pm.

The following institutions present themselves at the Tollwood Festival:

Green Pavilion I

Thu. June 16th to Sat. June 18th
Erden Project
The proceeds from Erden Project’s sustainable jewelry are used to reforest forests and thus improve the global climate, restore habitats for animals and create workplaces for socially disadvantaged people. 

Sun. June 19th
Nord Süd Forum – Casa do Brasil and Pro Regenwald
Casa do Brasil e.V. financially supports the preservation of the brazilian culuture and the intercultural exchange between Brazilian and German citizens.

Everyday we use products from the rainforest – paper, coffee, cocoa, fruits, palm oil, soy, energy – but what are consequences for the forest? Pro Regenwald will explain this at the Tollwood Summerfestival.

Mon. June 20th to Tue. June 21st
Nord Süd Forum – Help Liberia
Help Liberia reinforces medical care in the West African country of Liberia with financial means.

Wed. June 22nd
Alzheimer Gesellschaft München
Alzheimer Gesellschaft München is a helper network for dementia in Munich. The organization presents about dementia and consultation- as well as support facilities.

Thu. June 23rd and Fri. June 24th
BUND Naturschutz
The BUND Naturschutz presents itself with recent topics and projects, environmental- and nature preservation issues as well as participation opportunities.

Sat. June 25th
NAJU and LBV Kreisgruppe München
NAJU München and LBV Kreisgruppe München promise an exciting quiz about birds, interesting facts about pristine gardens as well as informations and a public petition for “green area preservation”.

Sun. June 26th and Mon. June 27th
respekTIERE IN NOT is an initiative by Respektiere, they stand up for people and animals who are homeless and in need in Germany and abroad.

Tue. June 28th to Thu. June 30th
aktion tier
The initiative aktion tier educates about pets and the work in animal shelters.

Fri. July 1st and Sat. July 2nd
Wave of Hope e. V. 
The non-profit organization Wave of Hope e. V. stand up for peace, the protection of the environment and the climate Umwelt- und Klimaschutz and among other things will present their project “water is life”.

Sun. July 3rd
Amnesty International
Amnesty International promotes climate protection and the 1,5 degree-limit of global warming, because a warming of the earth beyond that would have catastrophic consequences for humankind.

Mon. July 4th
Sea Punks e. V. 
In the Mediterranean Sea the Sea Punks save people in distress at sea with their old ship. They don’t just watch idly they always offer their help.

Tue. July 5th and Wed. July 6th
Gemeinsam Leben lernen e. V.
Gemeinsam Leben lernen e. V. is an organization for people with disabilities, their families, friends and supporters: “We give inclusion in Munich a face.”

Thu. July 7th and Fri. July 8th
Netzwerk Saubere Energie München
How green is the energy supply in Munich actually? What has to happen in Munich to further the transition to clean energy and how can everyone get involved? The Netzwerk Saubere Energie München introduce themselves.

Sat. July 9th
Space-Eye organizes help for refugees coming from conflict areas as well as emergency aid for people who are located in such areas. In the Green Pavilion they inform about their organization and various projects. 

Sun. July 10th
Aufklärung Organspende München e. V.
The organization presents facts about organ donation and distributes organ donor cards. A group of engaged medical students and qualified personnel are available to answer your questions.

Mon. July 11th and Tue. July 12th
Every child has the right to grow up without violence – still, countless children all over the world experience violent assaults in their daily life, often in their own families, in school and in nursery school. With their campaign “violence leaves a mark #NeverViolence” UNICEF wants to contribute to the prevention and sensitization of violence.

Wed. July 13th
z’sam is a contact point for involved people and organizations, who desire to contribute to a social togetherness in our urban society.

Thu. July 14th
Most livestock live in industrial farming, where their needs are barely or not at all considered. PROVIEH provides information on what animal-oriented farming should look like and gives hints on how you can help protect livestock by changing your own behaviour.

Fri. July 15th and Sat. July 16th
AbL-Bayern e. V. 
MUNICH. The working community of rural agriculture (AbL) demands: Now it is time for change in agriculture, no rollback because of the Ukraine war but solving hunger crises through a systemic change.

Sun. July 17th
Ingenieure ohne Grenzen
The initiative already has a broad range of activities and is currently conducting projects in Uganda and Ghana concerning water supply, renewable energies, structural engineering and waste management. The intercultural communication is a central part of their work during every project.

Green Pavilion II

Thu. June 16th
Viva con Agua
Viva con Agua supports clean drinking water all over the world! With positive activism and a lot of joy, the non-profit organization along with an international network of people and organizations is committed to the vision of WATER FOR EVERYONE – EVERYONE FOR WATER. They support water-, sanitary- and hygienprojects (WASH) along with local and international partner organizations and were already able to reach over three million people through their projects. 

Mon. June 20th
GermanZero e.V.
The organization wants to make Germany climate neutral by 2035. Their fields of activity are law evolution, law monitoring, political discussions, climate decisions as well as greenhouse gas-accounting.

Tue. June 21st and Wed. June 22nd
Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine/Society for saving Dolphins
The society for saving Dolphins (GRD) work for the protection of dolphines and “LVING FOR THE SEA (more)” (ger. “FÜR MEER LEBEN”). With their campaign against plastic waste they contribute to the protection of marine habitats.

Sun. June 26th
Sea-Eye is a civil sea rescue organization, founded in 2015, to stop idly watching the deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. At the Tollwood Summerfestival they inform about their work, because every life counts!

Mon. June 27th and Tue. June 28th
No Cap
No Cap informs that cheap tomatos and tomatoproducts in supermarkets are most likely produced by slave labor in the South of Europe. The initiative promotes fair trade canned tomatoes from South Italy, which are free from exploitation and mafia structures.

Wed. June 29th
Bund der Katzenfreunde e. V. /Organization of Cat-Lovers
The organization takes care of homeless cats in and around Munich. They find new homes for abandoned cats and care for feral cats.

Mon. July 4th and Tue. July 5th
Parents4Future München
Parents4Future are a voluntary union of adults they stand in solidarity with Fridays For Future. They support young people in their peaceful protest for an ambitious climate protection in Germany and worldwide.

Tue. July 12th to Thu. July 14th
A chance for paws
The initiative educates young and old on how they can help street animals when they’re on vacation. Additionally they educate about rabies and its risk for tourists.

Fri. July 15th and Sat. July 16th
Their name is their program. The organization promotes a worlwide basic ophthalmic care and inform about their mission at the Festival.

Sun. July 17th
Pro Regenwald
Everyday we use products from the rainforest – paper, coffee, cocoa, fruits, palm oil, soy, energy – but what are the consequences for the forest? The initative will educate on this at the Tollwood Summerfestival.


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