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Ride your bike to Tollwood

“Ja, mir san mi’m Radl da”, they sing in Bavaria. The song “Bicycle Race” by Queen is also world-famous. Even though the bicycle has received a lot of honour, Tollwood thinks there is still room for improvement and once again warmly recommends the bicycle to its audience with its campaign “Fahr Rad zum Tollwood” (Ride your bike to Tollwood). Firstly, because of climate protection alone; secondly, because of noise and health protection and the fair distribution of urban space. How the city can be made more attractive, not only for cycling, is shown by the Cycling Decision, which will be stopping at the festival. On the weekends there will also be free bike safety checks by “München unterwegs”. And as a small thank you for taking part, there will be saddle protectors for your beloved bike.

The campaign is supported by „München unterwegs“, the brand of the mobility department of the City of Munich.

Our "Fahr-Rad-zum-Tollwood" partners

Actions for the campaign

Unicycling with Lilalu

25./26.6./2./3./9./10.7 .| Children's tent | Free admission

Amphitheater Tollwood Fa Prg Xl Video Deutschland Www Prg

Radball und Kunstrad

18.06.2022 | 13:30 hrs. | Amphitheater | Free Entrance

Radl Reparatur Tollwood


17.07.2022 | 11:00 hrs. | barefoot trail | Free Entrance

Service for cyclists

No matter which direction visitors come from, they will find plenty of parking spaces for their bicycles at all entrances. There is even an MVG bike station at the main entrance. In addition, the festival ticket office offers plenty of information and maps to help Tollwood visitors find the best cycling routes to the festival.


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