The best way to the festival

Cycle to Tollwood

Want to cycle to Tollwood? Sure! Because at the summer festival there are easily accessible bike parking spaces, lots of service and a programme all about bikes. “Ride your bike to Tollwood” is once again this year: the best way to get to the festival.

Cycling not only protects the climate and keeps us fit, it’s simply fun. Even more: cycling is an attitude to life. Tollwood and its partner companies are demonstrating this as part of the “Ride your bike to Tollwood” campaign. Cycling is an important component of environmentally friendly mobility in our city. And the festival site is easy to reach by bike. Tollwood offers cyclists a comprehensive range of services. With bicycle parking spaces, free bike checks and repair stations, a visit to the festival by bike is made particularly pleasant.


On 7 July, the “Fahr Rad zum Tollwood” campaign at the Fahrradtreff will not take place due to the weather.

Unser Service für Radler*innen

Bike safety check

Bicycle parking

Fahr Rad zum Tollwood



MVG bike station

Our "Cycle to Tollwood" partners



Our actions for the campaign

Fahr Rad zum Tollwood Bikepick Radlwerkstatt

Bike check

Every Sat + Sun | main entrance

Leandre Amphitheater Performances Tollwood Festival


27.06.2024 - 30.06.2024 | Amphitheater | Free Entrance

Circo Carpa Diem Amphitheater Performances Tollwood Festival

Circo Carpa Diem

15.07.2024 - 17.07.2024 | Amphitheater | Free Entrance

Bicycle parking

No matter which direction you come from, you will find plenty of parking spaces for your bikes at all entrances. Please park your bikes safely and avoid “wild parking”.

Self-repair station

A screw loose? Old bikes can be restored and brakes and tires repaired at the new self-service hobby workshop.

MVG bike station

Underground, tram, bus – and bike. MVG makes you mobile. And for cyclists there is an MVG bike station. So you can change to a bike spontaneously. You will find the MVG bike station at the main entrance.

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