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State Chancellery

“Klar zur Wende”(“Ready about”) is the command to change course. The goal: Bavaria becomes climate-neutral and thus independent of coal, gas and oil. Start of the energy turnaround. Time is pressing!

The place where decisions are made: Why it makes sense to set up a Bavarian State Chancellery at Tollwood. Want to visit Markus Söder in his office ? Listen in on a phone conversation with Hubert Aiwanger, who is arguing against the 10H rule, which our Prime Minister is firmly sticking to and which is blocking Bavaria’s wind power potential and thus the entire electricity turnaround in the Free State. That’s what the Tollwood Festival is all about. Because  we are in urgent need of the energy turnaround in Bavaria, we are installing a small-scale replica of the site, where all necessary political decision are made at the festival. We are building a place of action that resembles, not by coincidence, the office of the Prime Minister in the State Chancellery, the place where the most important decisions for Bavaria are made.

Energiewende Tollwood Umweltaktionsort

And we have in our ears the sentence of the Prime Minister, which he always repeats in defence of the absurd 10H rule: “Bavaria is not a wind country!” In this small state chancellery, experts from BUND Naturschutz and Greenpeace are waiting for interested Tollwood visitors to explain why the Bavarian Prime Minister is wrong in this case. For example, the long-refuted argument that wind turbines are the deadliest danger to our bird populations. Or the inaccurate justification that Bavaria has already made its contribution to the nationwide energy transition, that all potentials have been exhausted. Bavaria can do more! How can the turnaround succeed? You can find out here. Who knows, maybe our Prime Minister will come by one day and take a look at his alternative workplace. Perspectives suitable for grandchildren open up here.

The action site is being created in cooperation with BUND Naturschutz in Bayern and Greenpeace.


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