This bistro at the summer festival serves visitors the real prices for various dishes! And thus shows the connections between (food) consumption and environmental damage. It won’t satisfy your hunger, but it’s guaranteed to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Come by and inform yourself!


What’s behind “HoMaBiLe”

What does our food really cost?

Shop price – true price?

Far from it! Prices hardly reflect the real costs.

No one pays for many of the negative climate, environmental and health impacts that result from food production. To remedy this market failure, changes are needed in politics, education, economics and ecology. But what needs to change and how specifically? And what are the social consequences?

A research project by the Universities of Greifswald and Augsburg, in which Tollwood is a practice partner, is investigating this topic. It is entitled “How much is the dish? – Measures to increase biodiversity through true cost accounting for food” (HoMaBiLe).

Link to the project of the University of Greifswald


In cooperation with Bayerischer Rundfunk

Bayern 2 series “True Costs


Mon 12.07. – Fri 16.07., from 10.05 a.m. | Bayern 2

From Monday to Thursday, Bayern 2’s Notebook explores the question of what the “true cost” of food is. Daily from 10.05 a.m.

Friday, 16 July, 10.05 a.m.
At the end of the week, questions from Bayern 2 listeners and Tollwood visitors will be answered by three experts from the fields of economics, ecology and politics in the Notebook Friday Forum and at the same time statements will be made about what opportunities and obligations lie in their respective fields.

– Sustainability Manager, Penny
– Dr. Volker Ullrich, CSU Member of the Bundestag
– Dr. Tobias Gaugler, Head of the Research Network “Markets for People