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We pour pure water!

True cost as installation

Clear, pure and clean! That’s how it should flow from the tap – our drinking water. The fact that this foodstuff can be enjoyed here in our country without hesitation is not a matter of course.

In conventional agriculture, pesticides and fertilisers are often used in the production of food, which thus end up in the groundwater and pollute drinking water resources through increased nitrate levels. Nitrate is converted to nitrite in the organism, which can lead to health problems, especially in infants. The resulting need for drinking water treatment results in high costs. Pollution of drinking water
causes so-called externalised costs in agriculture: the treatment of water is not paid directly by the polluters, such as producers and consumers, but ultimately by society as a whole or the environment. Organic farming relies on natural methods and
and avoids the use of chemicals. This reduces the risk of drinking water pollution, protects health and saves costs!

Tollwood is designing an installation at the festival. Here you can not only perceive water sensually, but also learn about the true price of this valuable foodstuff.

“When the well is dry only when the well is dry do you appreciate the water.”

Arabian proverb