Bitte umsteigen!

The Motto of the Tollwood Summer Festival 2017

For many years the announcement at Munich’s metros “Bitte zurückbleiben!” (“Please stand back!”) was used by cabaretists to reveal the city’s political course. Tollwood is now choosing a different sentence for the motto of the Summer Festival 2017: “Bitte umsteigen!” (“Please change!”) This request foremost adresses the use of bus, tram, metro and S-Bahn instead of cars. And not only if you want to visit the Tollwood Festival. “Bitte umsteigen!” asks for more: a new mindset, visions and innovative alternatives for mobility and life in the city. If Munich is supposed to stay a liveable place, we need new ideas how to be mobile and moreover, how to maintain a social and friendly coexistence for the people living in the agglomeration. „Bitte umsteigen“? Politics will only react if the people show what they want. We provide a plattform for your request.

At Tollwood culture and the arts have their place in all their varieties. For example music from Adel Tawil to Zucchero or the breathtaking show “Extension” by artist trio Cirque Inextremist, who explore a small excavator as a tool for Cirque Nouveau and besides contribute to the topic of iclusion.

The Hippiedrom is the new tent at Tollwood. It deals with the Californian youth movement which also influenced Munich in the 60s and 70s. An “historical-cultural-culinary bag full of suprises” just like the Half Moon Bar which shares the atmosphere, music and dances of Antigua’s famous Bay on the Caribbean island.

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