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„Beam me up, Scotty“, said Captain Kirk in „Star Trek”. Possible on TV but unfortunately not in reality. Therefore we have to look for other solutions to go from A to B, despite of the massively increasing traffic density. Business as usual – meaning more streets, more cars, more noise, more pollution, more traffic jams – is no solution. „We should design cities for people”, said Jan Gehl one of the world’s most influential city planner. He’s right! The maxime has to be that not the traffic is forming the cities’ structure but the people. The city is a lebensraum, meaning a space for life, living, working, leisure and recreation. Scotty, send us a vision!


Looking for Visions! Tollwoods’ “Construction Site of Visions” opens fascinating perspectives on what the cities of the future could look like, how we can organize our communal life and how we move on. Right now these solutions are just ideas under constrution – but they are the base for the reality of tomorrow. And we are the constructors! The  construction site will be supervised by mobility experts of Green City e.V. They do not only offer visions but also individual tips for the visitors how to move fram A to Bo. The “Construction Site of Visions” was designed with friendly assistance of Green City e.V. and PlanTreff. Thank you!


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