Bio für Kinder

„Bio für Kinder“ information material

Know-how, advice and field reports from the project

“Bio für Kinder” provides practice-oriented information to support all those who want to gradually implement healthy, ecological and cost-effective out-of-home catering for children and young people.

The manual for kitchen specialists

At the beginning of the switch to organic food there are many questions: How to design the menu without falling out of the budget? How to get the decision-makers of the institution on board? And how to get children and young people to be interested in organic food? This brochure provides answers and is specifically aimed at kitchen professionals. “Organic? You can do that too!

The brochure is available for free download.


„Bio für Kinder“-Guide

The guide is a practice-oriented instruction for those who want to realise a healthy, ecological and cost-effective catering for children and adolescents step by step.  A booklet combining practical experiences and expert know-how in a comprehensible manner. The guide offers practical advice for all kinds of institutions and catering systems and indicates possible obstacles. That way, the switch to organic catering happens on the plates as well as in the minds!

The guide is available for free download.


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Bio für Kinder

The Coaching-Programme

Experts and practitioners give counsel to institution about the change over to organic catering.