Bio für Kinder

Online Managment Tool for organic meals

Switch to organic food: easy, for free, at the push of a button

For the successful changeover to organic food it is significant to create nutritionally balanced, well calculated and seasonal 6-week-meal-plans, which are manageable within the conditions of the kitchen available.
Yet, where do you find recipes that suit the kids? How does a meal plan, fulfilling all quality standards, look like? Where to purchase organic groceries and to which price?


The “Bio-Speiseplanmanager” answers important questions concerning the constitution of a meal plan and the kitchen management at the push of a button.


   … balanced 6-week-meal-plans for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

   … a selection of meal types: cooking with fresh foods with or without meat and mixed with frozen foods.

   … a precise calculation of the need of food according to the age and number of guests.

   … tested recipes with warnings for allergenic foods.

   … calculated shopping lists for one day, weeks or 6 weeks with 100 per cent organic ingredients.

   … free access for state, municipal, clerical, non-profit and independent institutions.

   … valuable tips for the kitchen, shopping and education, as well as information on organic food in catering.


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Bio für Kinder

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Bio für Kinder

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