Environmental art installation

Installation “Out of Balance”

Water means life. Too much or too little water, however, brings destruction, suffering and death.

Images that have burnt themselves in: Water sweeps away everything, houses and bridges collapse. People have to leave their homes or can only be rescued by boat. This is what happened in July 2021 in the Ahr valley. Or: dried-up rivers and lakes with little water, the earth breaks up, plants dry up. A picture also on the Isar, Rhine, Lake Garda. Extremes in the form of drought or flooding take and destroy life. Too much water – as a result of heavy rainfall, for example – develops a force that changes whole swathes of land within seconds and washes away civilisation. Where there is no water, ecosystems are destroyed, food production collapses, animals die. People are forced to leave their homes.

The environmental art installation

The environmental art installation by Veronika Angloher and Adam Stubley shows the effects of water being out of balance. It confronts visitors with the consequences of drought and flooding. Affected people, who the audience encounters as abstract figures, movingly describe how their lives have been thrown out of joint by water in its extreme forms.


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