stadtMUCke release concert

20.7.2019 | 19 hrs. | Half Moon Bar | Free entrance

release concert


New songs for Munich

Over 100 entries have been received for the project “The song for your city”. The winning songs will be presented at the Half Moon Bar on July 20. Supported by musicians like Roger Rekless, Samy Danger and Christoph “Stofferl” Well, young bands will play songs about Munich’s attitude to life. Have they become real Munich hits? Find out with us!

The winners

Rap, pop, indie, folk music and jazz – the five new songs for Munich are so different. From over 100 applications, the stadtMUCke association, together with its mentors and a top-class jury, has selected this year’s winners of the song competition. In the coming months, the winners will work with their mentors on the new songs for Munich and produce them professionally in the studio. They will be accompanied by musicians from the Munich Philharmonic.

  1. Laila Noeth is a one-woman-show with keyboard on the open stages of Munich. Her distinctive voice and the calm alternative pop ballads immediately stand out. Her song “City of Hopes” is the only winning song in English. The song is full of hope for a home.
  2. Da Rocka und da Waitler: „Da Rocka“ Florian Pfisterer and “Da Waitler” Florian Pledl combine indie, rock, Balkan, folk music and punk with native Bavarian lyrics. According to the motto: “Music knows no borders, we do everything that feels right for us”. The result: an unmistakable sound that immediately encourages you to sing along. Their song “Monaco” is a declaration of love to the city of Munich.
  3. Jan König: When he’s not writing lyrics or standing on stage, Jan König is a PhD student in Latin at the LMU. His song “A bissl was geht imma” is the perfect mixture of thoughtful rap lyrics and a catchy chorus. Jan was born in Munich and maybe that’s why he keeps questioning his own city.
  4. Goethe Street Quartett: The four musicians of the Goethe Street Quartet met as students in Munich. Their song mixes jazz rhythms with piano, saxophone and thoughtful German lyrics. Her song “Cold Munich” looks behind the facade of the cold, arrogant Munich in search of the soul of the city.
  5. Bittenbinder: Funk, soul, hip hop and a lot of heart – that’s Bittenbinder. The band name is a tribute to the Romanian grandfather of front woman Veronika. Their music doesn’t sound like yesterday at all! Her winning song manages to describe Munich’s attitude to life with only three numbers: 089. The song with Munich’s areal code in the refrain has real hit potential!

Patrons of the project are Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter and the “Spider Murphy Gang” front man Günther Sigl. Click here for the interview with the two.


StadtMUCke Half Moon Bar

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