Security Arrangements Winter Festival

The safety of visitors and exhibitors is of primary importance for the Tollwood festival. Tollwood has therefore continuously tightened the security arrangements in recent years and adapts the security measures of each festival to the latest developments. .

Security Arrangements

Tollwood develops a security concept for each festival. This is tailored to the current circumstances and is coordinated with the Munich Department of Public Order, the fire department and the police department. This ensures that we are as well prepared as possible for emergencies, such as the need to evacuate the festival grounds, and that the procedures are precisely defined.

During the festival, the site on Theresienwiese is fenced off. Visitors can enter via the four entrances. Security service staff will be on duty at the entrances and will be carrying out random bag checks.

The Tollwood festival has been working successfully with its trusted security services for many years.
The security staff monitor the festival, the entrances and vehicle access both during opening hours and outside of opening hours. They will also be carrying out random bag checks at the entrance and on the festival grounds. There will also be random bag checks at the Grand Chapiteau.

To increase security on the festival grounds, security staff will be carrying out random bag checks at the entrance and on the site. Bags will also be checked randomly for all performances in the Grand Chapiteau.

We kindly ask all visitors not to bring any large bags or rucksacks with them to these events and to leave any items that are not strictly necessary at home. To speed up the admission checks, we recommend that visitors bring only small handbags (maximum A4 size).

Delivery vehicles with authorisation to access the festival grounds are not permitted to access the fenced-off site during opening hours or for one hour before the start of the festival. It is only possible to drive onto the festival grounds via one vehicle access point.

Since the winter festival in 2016, there has been a public address system in the outdoor areas, in addition to the speaker systems in the tents. In an emergency, Tollwood can therefore supply information to all visitors immediately and at the same time, for example if an evacuation is necessary.

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