Zither Manä

12.07.2024 | 19:00 hrs.
Craft Biergarten "Wüda Hund"
Free Entrance

Craft Biergarten “Wüda Hund” | Gstanzl & Bairisches

Zither Manä

Critical cabaret on the zither

It all started in 1980 – in other words, 44 years ago. After a live performance at the Nägele with his folk music program, a session with rock musicians took place at the same venue. Now it’s time to look back on a very long and fulfilling career with the program “BEST OF Zither Manä”. Zither-Manä’s program ranges from folk and country songs to rock’n roll, blues, Irish folk and ballads: From Kiem Pauli and Kraud’n Sepp to zither rock and Pink Floyd, he uses the zither as a universal instrument. Being a critical and political person and publicly reflecting on the grievances of his time is his second side to his music. Because just as he plays what he wants, he also says what he thinks.

Zither Manae Craft Biergarten Konzert Tollwood Festival

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