Konstantin Wecker

04.07.2023 | 19:00 hrs.

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Concert | Musik-Arena

The Soundtrack of my life


The great Wecker – Film Music Gala

“The soundtrack of my life – Konstantin Wecker with the great Wecker film music gala” exclusively at the Tollwood Summer Festival

“Schtonk”, “Kir Royal”, “Liesl Karlstadt und Karl Valentin”, “Ein Mann für jede Tonart”, “Schwestern oder die Balance des Glücks”, “Apollonia” or even “Salto Vitale”. Who doesn’t know them, the cinema and television films that have inspired and moved the whole of Germany? The compositions and theme songs were penned by Konstantin Wecker. The singer-songwriter, poet and author has influenced countless films and drama productions with his music over the past 40 years and created melodies that can still be heard today.

On 16 June 2023, the musician will present his greatest successes in the Musik Arena and reminisce fondly with well-known performers. It is an evening full of anecdotes, with Konstantin Wecker accompanied on the piano by his band and the Bavarian Philharmonic Orchestra. The audience can expect an entertaining revue with a multitude of film sequences and scenes from the most diverse film genres – under the direction of greats such as Helmut Dietl, Margarethe von Trotta or Michael Verhoeven, the composer himself has sometimes stood in front of the camera. This event is a must not only for Wecker fans, but also for all those who simply want to sit back comfortably and immerse themselves once again in the dazzling film world of the past four decades.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity: The soundtrack of my life – Konstantin Wecker with the great Wecker film music gala exclusively in the Tollwood Music Arena. Be there!

Dear Tollwood-Visitors, please take note of the safety advice for the “Musik-Arena”. There will be body checks at the entrance and your bags will be searched. We generally advise our concert guests to refrain from bringing medium-sized and / or large backpacks and large handbags in order to accelerate access to the “Musik-Arena”.


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