Fury in the Slaughterhouse

14.07.2023 | 19:00 hrs.

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Concert Musik-Arena

Fury in the Slaughterhouse

Hope 2023

Melodic guitar riffs, real rock ‘n’ roll and lots of good vibes – that’s Fury In The Slaughterhouse. On 14 July, you can experience the band that has written the soundtrack for an entire generation over the past 35 years live at the Tollwood Musik-Arena.
On their “Hope – Open Air Tour 2023”, Fury In The Slaughterhouse wants to celebrate the highlights of their extraordinary band history with everyone who just like them can’t get enough. And those who don’t know them yet will love them – with their timeless sound and their very own style, Fury In The Slaughterhouse inspires young and old. Be there and experience an evening far from everyday life – between reminiscent memories of unforgettable youth and the magical fire that Fury In The Slaughterhouse still exudes at their concerts today.

Dear Tollwood-Visitors, please take note of the safety advice for the “Musik-Arena”. There will be body checks at the entrance and your bags will be searched. We generally advise our concert guests to refrain from bringing medium-sized and / or large backpacks and large handbags in order to accelerate access to the “Musik-Arena”.

Fury in the Slaughterhouse | 14.7.2023 | Tollwood Festival | Musik-Arena | München | Konzert

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