15.07.2022 | 16:00 hrs.
Andechser Zelt
Free Entrance



Thanks to him and his Internet video, which has been clicked on millions of times, all of Germany now knows the zip code of Brunsbüttel. But Weiherer is much more than the “25541-Code”: A lateral thinker with the sly giggle of the Boandlkramer, intelligent lyrics, rousing music and terrific biting humor. Tirelessly, the “Lower Bavarian brutal poet” tours the German-speaking world with his multi-award-winning mixture of songwriting and cabaret. Alone with guitar and harmonica or together with his excellent band, Weiherer is not stingy with sharp-tongued criticism and ribald sayings. For 20 years – uncompromising, irreverent, mostly politically incorrect, often mercilessly funny, but always courageous.

Weiherer Andechser Zelt Tollwood Konzert Veranstaltung

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