18.06.2022 | 16:00 hrs.
Andechser Zelt
Free Entrance



For 33 years now, the “Kirschen” have been touring with their unique Bavarian Hau-Ruck-Rock. Much around the band from the Chiemgau has become, as often described by the press, cult. This includes songs like “Das Gelbe Haus”, “Mit da Latt’n auf da Matt’n “or “Solang de Leber lebt” . These and many more belong to the fixed program in various pubs, at parties, at the campfire or in the always completely sold out Christmas concert. The eight musicians around the singer and frontman Maschtei play both unplugged and full throttle – from rock’n roll to reggae – and make their audience smile with Bavarian lyrics.

Sauerkirsch Andechser Zelt Tollwood Konzert Veranstaltung

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