Titus Waldenfels

18.06.2022 | 17:30 hrs.
Free Entrance



Latin, Rock & Blues

Here a rumba, there a clave and all that combined with blues and rock: The musical program of Enseo is a combination of original compositions and selected cover songs from Spain, Cuba, Mexico and Argentina. Good mood, dancing like in Cuba and rocking like in a boiling blues rock shed is the program. The paths of the artists, who come from Argentina, Mexico, Croatia, Ecuador and Germany, first crossed in 2015 in Munich nightlife. Enseo is now known as the winner of the Neuhauser Bandcontest 2017 and for numerous appearances in live clubs, on stages and festivals in Munich and throughout Bavaria – and as part of the Tollwood Festival, as on June 18 in the Fassbar.

Enseo Fassbar Konzert Tollwood

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