New Year’s Eve Party

31.12.2018 | 19:00 hrs.
Festival Ground

Concerts and Live Music

The big Tollwood New Year’s Eve Party

At Tollwood the Countdown for New Year’s starts hours before midnight: on 5 floors it’s all about dancing, biding farewell to the Old and welcoming the New Year. The midnight walz ringing over all tents and over the beautifully decorated exterior area at 0 am is a traditional highlight of Tollwood’s New Year’s Eve Party. Happy New Year!


Jamaram GbR


07:00 p.m. / 2:00 a.m. – Open End: DJ Pascha
08:30 p.m.: Bittenbinder Funk, Soul, HipHop und jede Menge Herz
09:45 p.m.: Jah Chango Reggae, Rumba, Cumbia, Hip Hop und eine Prise Pop
10:15 p.m.: Jamaram Reggae, Ska, Latin, Funk & Pop
00.20 a.m.: Äl Jawala Oriental Brass, Balkan Big Beats, Gypsy Dancehall


Cubaboarisch 2.0

Cubaboarisch 2.0 © Martin Rumberger


07:00 p.m. – Open End: Rupidoo Global Music Club with DJ Rupen
08:30 p.m.: Cubaboarisch 2.0 Leo Meixner – New Generation
10:30 p.m. + 0:20 a.m.: Transatlantic Club Orchestra und Live-Percussion with Andi Haberl


Chris Aron and the Croakers

Chris Aron and the Croakers


07:00 p.m. + 10:45 p.m. + 0:20 a.m. + 2 a.m.: DJ Lemon Squeezer & DJ SpinRound
09:45 p.m. + 11:15  p.m. + 1:30 a.m.: Cat Lee King and his Cocks R ‘n’ B, Jump-Blues & Rock ‘n’ Roll
10:15 p.m. + 00:45 a.m.: Chris Aron and the Croakers Rock ‘n’ Roll & Rockabilly



from 07:00 p.m.: Best of Food & Sound

Because of stage changeovers, there may be breaks of up to 15 – 20 minutes.

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Please note that random bag checks will be carried out before the event and fireworks are not allowed. To speed up admission, we kindly ask that visitors do not bring large bags or backpacks.


Häufig gestellte Fragen

Children and adolescents under the age of 18 may visit the New Years Eve Party only if accompanied by a legal guardian or a person having parental authority. If a person holding parental authority is entrusted with the care of children or adolescents under the age of 18, the filled out form “Übertragung der Aufsichtspflich” has to be brought to the event. Here you can find the document as a PDF for download [>>].

Children under the age of six are not allowed at the event even if accompanied by a legal guardian.

If the exclusion critera above are existent, children/adolescents may not enter the event even if they carry a valid ticket.

The New Years Eve Gala takes place at the Grand Chapiteau. At the Gala you will enjoy the Show and an organic 5-course-menu. The ticket for the New Years Eve Gala is also valid for the Tollwood New Years Eve Party.

The Tollwood New Years Eve Party takes place in the Bazar, the Food Plaza and the Hexenkessel. There are numerous food stalls at the Food Plaza and bars inside the tents and outside on the festival grounds. From 8pm to 2am we offer a diverse programme with live music. The “Market of Ideas” with handcrafts and food stalls has then already been dismantled.


No, there are no fireworks by Tollwood. Firecrackers may not be taken onto the festival grounds.

Glass container and cans as well as all container over 0.5l (i.e. plastic bottles, Tetra Paks etc.), bulky objects, pyrothechnical objects, torches, sparklers, weapons, dangerous items and animals are prohibited. There are no fireworks on the festival grounds at midnight. Firecrackers are prohibited on the festival grounds.

The “Market of Ideas” with market and food stalls has already been dismantled by New Years Eve. However, there are some food stalls at the Food Plaza as well as bars with Live-Music inside the tents. The Tollwood Market closes – like any other Christmas Market – on 23rd December, 10 pm.

Please note that bag checks will be carried out before the event and fireworks are not allowed. To speed up admission, we kindly ask that visitors do not bring large bags or rucksacks.

It is not allowed to bring dogs to the New Years Events. If you bring your dog or any other animal, access will be declined.

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