Cirque Inextremiste “Extension”

Tue 11.7. – Sat 15.7.


Cirque Inextremiste


The French Compagnie Cirque Inextremist combines compelling acrobatics and enthrilling storytelling. Heavy gas bottles function as accessoires for their tricky balancing acts, wooden planks turn into mobiles and the pranks between the artist end up to be hidden declarations of love. The humor of “Extension” is rough and direct – at the same time it symolizes the quest for more balance in a world out of whack. A construction sight is the venue for the bold acrobatics. The protagonist – an excavator moving with the elegance of a ballerina. The artist Rémi Lecocq, who has been sitting in a wheelchair since a training accident, gets into athletic battles with his colleagues Yan Ecauvre and Sylvain Briani-Colin. Rémi explores a new movement mode by using a mini excavator. “Extension” is much more than a spectacular theatre happening – the performance exhibits a high degree of sensitivity and knowledge of human nature.


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Cirque Inextremiste
Cirque Inextremiste
Cirque Inextremiste

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