Organic Menu Winter Festival 2022

The menu for the Machine de Cirque shows

created by star chef Holger Stromberg

You can enjoy this organic menu to the unique artistry show of the Compagnie Machine de Cirque.

Sundays and after Christmas 3-course menu (soup | main course | dessert)


Hummus of aubergine & sunflower seed d’l
Chiemsee light rye | carrot | frisee salad
Beetroot dressing | Sesame-Mint Falafel


White Apple-Ginger Cream Soup
caramelised garlic | tarragon

Main course

Regional vegetables from the oven | spiced oil | spinach gnocchi
Seeded “medallions” | Organic-Garden gravy


Regional vegetables from the oven | spice oil | spinach gnocchi
Fine OX “from nose to tail


Chocolate Spice Fudge | White Chocolate Shavings
Coconut crumble | hemp protein ice cream

Sternekoch Holger StrombergStar chef Holger Stromberg

Organic Garden

“Food should be good for the soul and also good for nature,” says Holger Stromberg, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer (CCO) of Organic Garden. He wants to “inspire people around”. The former chef of the German national football team and Germany’s youngest star chef at 23 promises: “With my menu at the Tollwood Winter Festival, guests will experience that food can be healthy, delicious and at the same time environmentally friendly and sustainable.”


Tollwood Winter Festival

Theresienwiese | Munich

Machine De Cirque

Machine de Cirque

24.11.2022 - 11.12.2022 | Grand Chapiteau

Machine De Cirque La Galerie

Machine de Cirque “La Galerie”

13.12.2022 - 30.12.2022 | Grand Chapiteau