Winter Festival 2018


The festival as art gallery

Sculpture “Meine Stadt” – speed draftswoman Lisa Schmidt

A green oasis in the middle of the big city, neighbourhood assistence, encounters with exceptional and engaged people. You can tell Lisa Schmidt what has always impressed you by your city or you wish for a future worth living for. The artist Lisa Schmidt is a so called speed draftswoman and is offered a large space to draw your stories during the festival: Her canvas is the sculpture “Meine Stadt” in front of teh festival entrance.

Adam Stubley “Lichterbaum” – “Illuminated Tree”

The artwork at the festival entrance is the favorite meeting point for strolling through the festival gounds. This year, the British artist Adam Stubley, who is living near Ammersee in Bavaria, created a very special christmas tree: it is completely illuminated. The tree is eight meters high and consists only of wires. His crown carries hundreds of individual light spots which are as bright as shootingstars in the sky over Tollwood.


Mina’s artworks seem to burst with joy and energy, create a powerful impression and are dragging the viewer into the artistic universe.

In collaboration with MUCA Tollwood is bringing the New York style to Munich.

Andrey von Schlippe Planetensystem

© Bernd Wackerbauer

Andrey von Schlippe “Planetary System”

It was one of the most popular art projects last winter: Andrey von Schlippe’s planetary system. There was hardly an object more often photographed. Hence, Tollwood decided to let the 300 planets float over the festival grounds once more.

Andrey von Schlippe “Design of the fence”

“The twittering of a bird wakes people up from their indifference”, said the Libanese-American philosopher Khalil Gibran. In many cultures the bird is a sign for hope and for audacity to rise towards the sky. The artist and designer has been a member of the Tollwood team for a long time now and is also responsible for the design of the festival fence. The text in respect to this work has been delivered by the Future Foundation FUTURZWEI initiated by Harald Welzer.

Family Mukai Katsumi Ludwig Frank

© Bernd Wackerbauer

Mukai Katsumi / Ludwig Frank “Family”

For more than 20 years now, the Japanese artist Mukai Katsumi and his Austrian colleague Ludwig Frank work together, often as part of the Tollwood festival. For Tollwood’s 30th anniversary the two artists designed the project “Family”, an installation of wooden figures, a family which ar efive meters high.

Ludwig Frank “Light Pillars and Gates”

The light pagodas and artistically designed gates welcome all visitors. They are designed by the Austrian artist Ludwig Frank.

Bacchus Is Dancing Torsten Muehlbach Kunst Tollwood Muenchen

© Bernd Wackerbauer

Torsten Mühlbach “Bacchus is Dancing”

Munich-based artist Torsten Mühlbach transforms mirror balls into a bunch of grapes which have a dazzling light effect at night. “Bacchus is Dancing” is the titel of the installation with which he enriches the festival grounds.

TOM HEGEN „Habitat. Shaped by Humans.“

It should be of value that nurishes us, drives us, connects us: The Munich-based photographer Tom Hegen shows with his view from above how the human being shapes its habitat. The documentary shows in fascinating, graphically abstract and moving pictures the attempt of man to subdue the earth. New perspectives are also opening up and are offering possibilities to treat the planet in a sustainable manner.

FAKEODERNEWS – Fake or news

It’s an explosive issue: What is fake and what is news? It has never been as difficult as today. A social start-up from Augsburg has developed an interactive newsgame to measure with points: true or false? Fake or news? It’s fun but also highly political.

WIRWERK “Country of Cultures”

Imagine: You are supposed to find the way from Stachus to Gern. Simple, only your map is in Arabic. Impossible. That’s how it feels to arrive in a foreign culture. “Country of Cultures” is an initiative of young refugees, created for us to understand what it feels like to be an alien but also to show us how succesfull integration works.


By playing the virtual reality game you become a hero of nature: You enter a fascinating world of peace and beauty, you meet animals, you plant trees, you let it rain, determine day and night. It was supposed to be a game to relax, but has become virtual call: Follow the positive power of your visions and make a contribution to the protection of our planet.

Munich CoolCity

The grand blue “C” stands for the new climate protection campaign of the city of Munich. It is a symbol for the climate protection and liveable city because our city is supossed to stay “cool”. The campaign shows that climate protection is simple and everyone can join! Here you find 10 tips.

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