The World on Stage

The Weltsalon (World Saloon) is Tollwood’s multimedia tent concerning social and ecological topics. Panel discussions with well-known representatives, lectures, concerts, performances and interactive installations deal with globalization and equality, war and peace, protection of the environment and innovation, courageous people and pioneering projects.

The motto of this year’s Winter Festival is “Good does better”. The Festival is celebrating success stories that reject the seemingly unshakable “that’s never going to work” mentality to encourage people to stand up for a more ecological and more just world.
The “Weltsalon“ tells the stories of everyday heroes and inspiring people of the future. Interactive installations, discussions and cabaret encourage visitors to get involved and play an active role.

Just Duty Free Tollwood Weltsalon Benefizkonzert

Just Duty Free

24.11.2018 | 19:30 hrs. | Weltsalon | Free Entrance

Organ Explosion Tollwood Weltsalon Benefizkonzert

Organ Explosion

30.11.2018 | 19:30 hrs. | Weltsalon | Free Entrance



08.12.2018 | 19:30 hrs. | Weltsalon | Free Entrance

Troubleshooters Tollwood Weltsalon


22.12.2018 | 19:30 hrs. | Weltsalon | Free Entrance


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