The World on Stage

The Weltsalon (World Saloon) is Tollwood’s multimedia tent concerning social and ecological topics. Panel discussions with well-known representatives, lectures, concerts, performances and interactive installations deal with globalization and equality, war and peace, protection of the environment and innovation, courageous people and pioneering projects. The topic of this year’s Tollwood Winter Festival is “We, all”. The Weltsalon program shined a light on democratic values — such as liberty, equality and justice. Moreover, the cabaret program presented Michael Altinger, HG. Butzko and Ecco Meineke. The penal discussions dealed with democracy, the power of data and the world we want to live in. Among the guests: Wolfgang Thierse, Yvonne Hofstätter, Klaus Mainzer.

Review: Art at the Weltsalon


© SpY



You can use a pencil or a pen and write the word “Democracy”. The Spanish urban-art-artist SpY, one of the most famous of his genre, however, uses two-cent coins. And thus creates a piece of art – eleven meters long, consisting of thousands of coins. At Tollwood you can observe if people reduce the value of this art work to the monetary – and the work disappears piece by piece.


Torsten Mühlbach und Bruno Wank Shopping Mall

Torsten Mühlbach and Bruno Wank


It’s all about shopping. The shopping cart is the epitome of our modern consumer society. In the art installation “Shoppingmall”, Bavarian artists show the potential of this subject. The Munich artists Bruno Wank and Torsten Mühlbach curated this art collection, which is thought-provoking for the audience.



The International Munich Art Lab (IMAL) offers young people the unique opportunity to study art for one year in (almost) all disciplines, whether it be visual art, new media, urban arts or cross media. Professional artists and social education worker support the young students individually. For the „Weltsalon“, they have created a work that reflects young people’s gaze on our modern society. IMAL is supported by “Landeshauptstadt München” (social referat, cultural referat, RAW) und by the “Europäischen Sozialfond”, ESF in Bavaria.

God’s Entertainment

Dangerous Passage

Whether old or young, rich or poor, black or white: We all stagger on the narrow ridge we call democracy. Shaken by governments or distorted by populism, this ridge becomes narrower every day. In line with Carl Spitzweg’s work “Dangerous Passage”, the popular Austrian artist collective God’s Entertainment invites you to balance on a passage over an ink-filled pool. Every missing step means falling off. And those who fall, will be marked. What is hidden on the other side of the passage will not be revealed. Only one little hint: It’s worth it!


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