Von wegen Lisbeth & Kytes

20.07.2024 | 18:30 hrs.

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Concert | Musik-Arena

Von wegen Lisbeth

& Kytes

Two bands – one concert: Von Wegen Lisbeth and Kytes will make July 20, 2024 a very special concert evening. Berlin and Munich meet in the Tollwood Musik-Arena for an evening of indie pop – danceable and carefree. Von Wegen Lisbeth perform songs such as “Meine Kneipe”, “Auf Eis” and “L.OST”. Kytes perform “Deep Dive” and “Hula Hoop”.

Dear Tollwood-Visitors, please take note of the safety advice for the “Musik-Arena”. There will be body checks at the entrance and your bags will be searched. We generally advise our concert guests to refrain from bringing medium-sized and / or large backpacks and large handbags in order to accelerate access to the “Musik-Arena”.

Von Wegen Lisbeth Tollwood Festival Muenchen Konzert
Kytes Tollwood Festival Muenchen Konzert