Danger Dan

03.07.2023 | 19:00 hrs.

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Concert | Musik-Arena

Danger Dan

Polarising lyrics, political battle lines and unpretentious love songs – that’s the sound of Danger Dan’s new album “Das ist alles von Kunstfreiheit gedeckt”.
Experience Danger Dan and his music live: on 3 July he will be performing in the music arena of the Tollwood Summer Festival as part of his eponymous tour.
Early practice for Daniel Pongratz: He finds an old accordion in his family’s attic, on which he teaches himself a few notes. His parents recognise his musical talent, buy a piano and organise a teacher. “I was a very bad student, though,” Danger Dan says today. “I never practised notes and didn’t do anything else I was supposed to. But I still played the piano an extreme amount. Mostly ‘Let it Be’ by the Beatles.” Even today he can’t read music, nor does he own a piano.

When his new album came out, nobody expected it, not even himself: All records immediately sold out, the tours immediately sold out, every newspaper reported, every radio played his songs. In 2022 and 2023, it’s finally time for Danger Dan to bring “It’s all covered by artistic freedom” to the stages – and to the Tollwood Musik-Arena.

Dear Tollwood-Visitors, please take note of the safety advice for the “Musik-Arena”. There will be body checks at the entrance and your bags will be searched. We generally advise our concert guests to refrain from bringing medium-sized and / or large backpacks and large handbags in order to accelerate access to the “Musik-Arena”.

03.07.2023 Danger Dan | Konzert | Tollwood Festival

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