Titus Waldenfels

17.06.2022 | 17:30 hrs.
Free Entrance


Titus Waldenfels

Western swing, blues & amp; songs of all kinds with guitar, fiddle, banjo, steel guitar and foot bass plays Titus Waldenfels from Munich, who has been on the road for 26 years, worked with greats like Embryo, Mal Waldron or Eugene Chadbourne, lived for months in Texas, made music for theater productions like the ‘Komödienstadel’ or the ‘Varreckten Hof’ by Georg Ringsgwandl and inspires every audience with his extensive repertoire, effortless performance and direct communication.
Instrumentals with the power of a blues band, the openness of a jazz combo and the directness of a street band: this is the music of Munich-based musician and instrument tinkerer Titus Waldenfels, who plays a one-string bass with his feet in addition to guitar, violin, banjo and steel guitar.
Inspiration for the fascinating journey from Blues Valley to Berlin Underground, Munich City and Jazzville are role models like Tom Waits, the Catalan toy instrument user Pascal Comelade, Manu Chao, any form of jazz as well as Ammon Düül and Embryo from Munich.

Titus Wadenfels Tollwood Winterfestival 2019

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