Stefan Straubinger

20.06.2022 - 02.07.2022
Viva la Vida-Bar
Free Entrance


Stefan Straubinger

Traditional, experimental as well as atmospheric and groovy sounds Stefan Straubinger processes with G’schichtln and wordplay to an idiosyncratic, sometimes excessive music performance. The musician and his instruments threaten to run hot! Straubinger is inspired by traditional Bavarian music, funk, jazz, rock, pop and tango. He plays his avant-garde folk music on urbayrian instruments. The native of Upper Bavaria exhausts various possibilities of bandoneon, hurdy-gurdy and his own voice. He also passionately plays country dances and long forgotten dances from old manuscripts for the audience.

All dates

  • Mon., 20.06.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Thu., 23.06.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Mon., 27.06.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Sat., 02.07.2022 21:30 hrs.

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