Ringlstetter & Band

18.06.2022 | 19:00 hrs.

Musik-Arena 2022

Ringlstetter & Band

Heile Welt Tour 2022

Less is more. When Hannes Ringlstetter writes texts, he goes from a lot to only a little. Reducing takes time, he says. The result: no world-weariness at all. A lot of real life. And substance. In a language that exposes the core of things and with the wit it takes to endure real life.

His new album is called ‘Heile Welt’. Is this meant ironically? Only to a certain extent. The ideal world of Hannes Ringlstetter- the musician whose life and unbridled creativity have also made him a cabaret artist, actor, TV presenter and book author- is not a smooth idyll. For him, it is somehow a place of longing as well. There are doubts, cracks, longing and the night – just like family, supermarket checkout staff and people who ruin your day with just a glance. In any case, he makes music that he wants to share with his audience. There is a lot of closeness in all the stories he tells on this album. Proximity to himself and to the roaring life.

The connection comes through the unmistakable voice. It opens the window to Hanne’s world. Sometimes creaky like crooked tavern floorboards at closing time, sometimes soft and quiet, but always with an irresistible attraction and sonority of his bass. In the voice already lies the lust for life in all its shades. In addition, there are catchy guitar melodies, great brass sections – and as banal as it is right: good music. His musical companions move closely around his grating iron, but always leave him enough space. This is precisely the soothing power of “Heile Welt”: There is no showmanship here, nothing contrived – but a reduction to an emotional core.
A piece of an ideal world? Absolutely.

Dear Tollwood-Visitors, please take note of the safety advice for the “Musik-Arena”. There will be body checks at the entrance and your bags will be searched. We generally advise our concert guests to refrain from bringing medium-sized and / or large backpacks and large handbags in order to accelerate access to the “Musik-Arena”.


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Ringlstetter Musik Arena Konzert Tollwood Muenchen
Ringlstetter Musik Arena Konzert Tollwood Muenchen
Ringlstetter Musik Arena Konzert Tollwood Muenchen

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