Petra Lewi

17./25.6., 1./11.7. | Viva la Vida-Bar | Admission free


Petra Lewi

Individuality has four strings with her and belongs to the good tone. After many years of stage presence, Petra Lewi has mastered the facets of best entertainment. What has shaped her as an actress, speaker and singer, she expresses – with ukulele and distinctive voice. Sometimes funny, sometimes cheeky, sometimes melancholic. Her musical three-minute dramas have it all: creatively interpreted cover songs by Tom Waits, Lady Gaga, Sportfreunde Stiller, Nancy Sinatra, Talking Heads and Lana del Rey about love, life and other little things. Touching, intimate and very personal.

Petra Lewi Gipsy Tollwood Konzert

All dates

  • Fri., 17.06.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Sat., 25.06.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Fri., 01.07.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Mon., 11.07.2022 21:30 hrs.

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