Schonlau & Hanke: Rainforests - Life in the Jungle

28.11.2022 | 19:30 hrs.
Grand Chapiteau
Free Entrance

Live report

Sandra Hanke und Dieter Schonlau

„Rainforests – Life in the Jungle“

Dieter Schonlau and Sandra Hanke impressively document the incredible biodiversity of the jungle. They take us into the world of the giant anacondas and tell us about the life of the orangutans in the rainforest. The pictures are more than just documents of great adventures, they are urgent reminders to treat our planet with care.

Due to the limited seating capacity, we kindly ask for prior reservation. The reservation tool is already closed for this event. Remaining seats are still available and experience shows that not all reservations are taken up. Please come to the entrance on the evening of the event – remaining seats will be allocated 10 minutes before the start of the event.

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