Jochberg Musikanten

17.07.2022 | 12:00 hrs.
Andechser Zelt
Free Entrance


Jochberg Musikanten

“Take your time for brass music” – the title of the first CD of the Jochberg Musikanten from the Bavarian Oberland is program. The collected musical experience from selection orchestras, with the music corps of the German Armed Forces, as active conductors and musicians in local music bands as well as in numerous small ensembles, they have then also contributed to the second CD. Now there’s “Ois Guade”. Their incentive are appearances at brass music festivals such as Woodstock der Blasmusik or the Brass Wiesn as well as being the supporting band of the “Original Egerländer Musikanten” on their anniversary tour. And even after 28 years, they still go new ways musically with a lot of fun and joy.

Jochberg Musikanten Andechser Zelt Tollwood Konzert Veranstaltung

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