01.07.2022 | 16:00 hrs.
Andechser Zelt
Free Entrance



„A Tribute to ZZ Top“

DEEZL – “this little old band from Bavaria” – was founded in 2016 by four musicians from Munich. The vintage rockers were brought together by their fondness for an American blues rock trio that has played this style of music for over 50 years now – and in an unchanged line-up until the death of bassist Dusty Hill on 28.07.21 – and has had a significant influence on it: ZZ TOP. Grooving drums and powerful bass, fat guitar riffs and smoky voice, very close to the original, Hansi Dullinger, Peter Hoffmann, Pepe Bohn and Andi Furtner interpret the songs that deal with the “really important topics of life”: cold beer, hot stoves and beautiful women. And also completely in the tradition of the Texan longbeards: a black hot rod with a thundering V8 engine and a smoking sidepipe, a red glowing guitar amp and colourful shining microphones, DEEZL celebrates the cult classics in a true-to-style ambience – they are still working on the beard lengths.

Deezl Konzerte Tollwood Muenchen Andechser Zelt

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