Bob Eberl

21.6./5.7./13.7. | Viva la Vida-Bar | Admission free


Bob Eberl

Bob Eberl and Alina Abgarjan are coming to the Tollwood Summer Festival together. They promise a colorful mixture of newly interpreted cover songs from chanson, pop and rock and their own songs. One, Bob Eberl, writes his own songs between acoustic pop and singer-songwriter with German lyrics. His songs are about passion, sadness, resistance, tragedy, love and of course the other big questions of life. A mixture of Element of Crime and the rest results in a colorful mixture of his own experience and narrative. The other, Alina Abgarjan, is an actress and singer. She releases her own songs and music videos on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes or YouTube and gives both pop and occasional classical concerts. She often merges acting, singing and dancing.

Bob Eberl & Alina | Viva la Vida-Bar | Tollwood Sommerfestival
Bob Eberl Gipsy Tollwood Konzert

All dates

  • Tue., 21.06.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Tue., 05.07.2022 21:30 hrs.
  • Wed., 13.07.2022 21:30 hrs.

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