Stelzentheater Hochformat

09.07. – 13.07., 23.07., 29.07. – 31.07., 17.08. | Festivalground | Free Entrance


Stilt Theatre

Duo Hochformat

Summer costumes, dance and stilts

The duo Hochformat, consisting of Julia Dietze and Mirjam Kendler, and supplemented by Michael Schön to form the stilt trio, is known for its numerous performances at home and abroad.
This summer, the three artists will be wearing Sophie and Adam Stubley’s tailor-made bird costumes and colourful flower dresses – or can be found as “Funky Dionysos” on the festival grounds.

Stelzentheater Hochformat

All dates

  • Tue., 17.08.2021 18:00 hrs.
  • Tue., 17.08.2021 20:00 hrs.

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