Pieter Post
"The Turtle"

17.7. – 21.7.2019 | Amphitheater | Free entrance


Pieter Post

“The Turtle“

Buckle up, because it’s getting slow! “The Turtle” is the fabulous show by unique street artist Pieter Post about the immense importance of doing nothing. In its entire length, the piece follows the path of a turtle to its final jump. A leisurely experience that refreshes the soul and frees the spirit. In the end everyone will be happy when the show is over. One will think a lot, learn a lot, but also forget a lot, for example the annoying everyday life. And you will feel great and maybe even become a better person. But surely you will experience a big, small and amazingly entertaining pleasure.

Amphitheater Pieter Post Tollwood Sommerfestival 2019

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  • Wed., 17.07.2019 17:30 hrs.
  • Wed., 17.07.2019 20:00 hrs.
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