Hannah & Falco

09.12.2019 | 19:30 hrs.
The Silent Knight
Free Entrance

Live music

Hannah & Falco

Folk with a lot of feeling

Observing the outside world, the life realities of others or ultimately one’s own emotional world – probably the most important means of writing songs. These are songs to which one would immediately assign the words “strong”, “moving” or “soulful”, because they suddenly develop the potential to pick up, to capture and not to let go again so quickly. The Würzburg folk duo Hannah & Falco manage to let exactly these feelings come up. Perhaps precisely because the two take a very close look – at their own inner life, their relationship to each other and to others. It’s not without reason that their debut album bears the title “Field Notes”, based on sketchy observations and crude notes about the world. Hannah & Falco present here a conglomeration of stories, which covers the whole range of emotions from ravishingly heartwarming, ironically resigned to melancholically thoughtful.

In autumn Hannah & Falco will release their debut album and are well on their way to becoming one of the most promising representatives of high-class, intimate folk music from Germany.



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