Ringlstetter & Band (changed date: Fr 6.7.)

change of date: 06.07.2018


Ringlstetter & Band

special guest: Pam Pam Ida

Dear Tollwood visitors,

due to a recent project, Michael Patrick Kelly is unfortunately forced to relocate four concerts of the “iD-Tour” – unfortunately this also affects the Tollwood concert.

This evening will therefore be swapped with the concert by Hannes Ringlstetter & Band and special guest Pam Pam Ida:

Michael Patrick Kelly’s concert will be held on Monday, July 9, in the Music Arena at the Tollwood Summer Festival (instead of Friday, July 6).

The concert by Hannes Ringlstetter & special guest Pam Pam Ida will take place on Friday, July 6th (instead of Monday, July 9th).

Already purchased tickets are valid for the new dates.

Concertgoers who decide not to attend a concert due to the exchange of dates can return their tickets to the ticket offices – at the latest on Monday, July 9th – where these tickets were purchased.

With concert start the claims for refund expire.



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